Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are no deposit poker bonuses?
A: A no deposit bonus is money online poker players receive if they don’t have their own money to invest. Anyone can get a no deposit bonus and start playing poker for free.

Q: Why does someone want to give me money for the game?
A: When a player wins the pot some portion of the pot goes to the poker room. This portion of money is called a rake (or a commission for the game). The poker room shares the rake with the partners or “sponsor websites” to make them attract new online poker players.
The amount of a rake does not depend on whether you are an involved “sponsor website” or not. You pay not a cent more than “ordinary” players. So, if a player is successful and plays like a professional, start-up investments pay off more.

Q: Why do I need to go through the verification process?
A: Scams take an advantage of free bonuses and use them several times to move them to their main account. This is called “chip dumping”. Due to this, some sites use verification via SMS or PIN or/and ID verification (you have to provide a scan or a photo of your passport or driving license) while giving no deposit bonuses.
A verification process including via SMS and/or PIN (when you receive an automatic call) is always free.

Q: Who can receive a free bonus?
A: Free bonuses are given only to new players as poker rooms prohibit having several accounts. Poker sites accept only people of legal age (over 18 years old).

Q: What does a no deposit bonus $XX (+$XXX) mean?
A: A bonus $XX (+$XXX) means that $XX will be moved to your account absolutely for free and you will have to wager an additional bonus (+$XXX) for poker Points. It is done to give you a motivation to play. The number of Points for wagering is different, read carefully the rules for getting them.

Q: Time specified has already passed but I still haven’t got a bonus. Why?
A: We provided only an estimated time for crediting a no deposit bonus to your account. In some cases, it takes longer. Typically, the delay occurs due to weekends, holidays, technical failures of a website etc.

Q: A free bonus has not been credited, what can I do?
A: If you are sure that you haven’t violated the rules of getting a bonus and haven’t made any mistakes during signing up but your no deposit bonus is still not there contact the support of sponsor websites to find out the reason for the delay.

Q: How can I withdraw a no deposit bonus?
A: Many poker rooms allow withdrawal to Visa and MasterCard, Skrill, PayPal, Neteller etc.
You can withdraw the money only by the method you used to make a deposit. In case with no deposit bonuses you should make a minimal deposit (normally, $10) by a method by which you want to withdraw the funds.
To prevent the players from cashing out the funds immediately poker rooms have certain restrictions. Before withdrawing a free bonus you should gain a certain number of Points playing poker (read the rules).