Free Forex Bonuses

A free forex bonus is the most attractive type of bonuses in trading. You don’t need to top up your trading account to start trading. To receive a free bonus from any broker we have on the website you should sign up for a Forex trading account and provide a broker’s customer support with the information confirming your identity. Most often a fee bonus is credited automatically after the information you provided is verified.

A free bonus in forex is a tendency that is gaining more and more popularity. Due to this, a circle of potential participants of the foreign exchange markets became even wider. Actually, any person without own investment funds can become a trader today.

Brokers Bonus Verification Available Waiting Instruction
MARKETS.COM $25 instant Get Bonus
TMS Europe €20 instant Get Bonus

No deposit forex bonuses

A no deposit bonus in forex is a unique thing as it allows trading under the same conditions as the owners of real trading accounts. To choose the most optimal offer for yourself, spend some time to study the conditions of receiving a no deposit bonus at several brokers.

Strange as it may seem but a no deposit bonus is also beneficial for a sponsorship broker. After a trader’s registration a broker receives a portion of the spread. As statistics shows, 5-10% of attracted traders bring quite a good profit at different trading intervals. Thus, for many brokers their expenses pay off.

Popularity of no deposit forex bonus

A unique chance to become a real trader without a risk of losing own funds attracts everyone. The companies gain benefit from this approach and that is why the number of brokers offering no deposit bonuses is rapidly increasing. With the money you receive you can consider your emotional state and try a new strategy without risking the money leading to negative consequences.

Brokers don’t want to lose a new client and the money they gave to him during the first hours on Forex, so they actively provide a client with informational support. Experienced traders share their knowledge at special schools, they readily answer the questions, and hold seminars.

No deposit forex bonus abuse

Some traders get so obsessed with receiving a no deposit forex bonus that they do their best to break the limits. The most widespread fraud is the second sign up. However, this is not the way to earn good money. You can sign up 20 times but if you are not aware of what you need to make a profitable trade, you won’t get more money. Besides, with each new signing up you’ll have to provide new passport data, new e-mail, another IP-address, and phone number. Eventually, the final result does not seem worth all your efforts.

No deposit bonus disadvantage

The main disadvantage of a no deposit bonus is that it can turn out to be completely useless. A trader is not afraid at all that he can lose the no deposit bonus and it does not motivate him to make an effort to save the bonus. As a result, the rules of managing the capital are violated and a trader easily and quickly spends the money he received. Unfortunately, 9 out of 10 cases have such a scenario.